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Top 10 Vegan Ice Cream Brands in India| You must Try Once


Hey, Vegan Shouters, Do you want to have Tasty rich Icecream which should not be made of milk then in today’s post you will be notified about the Top 10 Vegan ice cream companies in India.

Vegan Ice Cream Brands in India

Ice cream is something that we all love, The demand for tasty icecreams raised around the world during summer time.

But As a vegan Activist, it’s a bit disappointing for you to get vegan ice cream whenever you want, Because it’s a surprising thing for many ice cream sellers in India to think about ice cream that doesn’t contain animal milk.

But Nevertheless, nature provides us with alternatives to everything. Similarly, there are plenty of food items like soya, almond, cashew, coconut, or rice milk which help to make tastier icecreams.

Fortunately, there are lots of vegan brands in India, those who provide testier icecreams to people

Vegan ice cream companies in India| Plant-Based Ice Cream

in recent years many veganism brands are emerging in India, These brands are helping common people to adopt veganism to lead a healthier and less cruelty-free lifestyle.

#1. Papa Ice Cream

Hey, Vegan Shouters, Do you want to have tasty rich ice cream which should not be made of milk then in today’s post you will be notified about the top 10 vegan ice cream companies in India.

Ice cream is something that we all love, The demand for tasty icecreams raised around the world during summer time.

But As a vegan Activist, it’s a bit disappointing for you to get vegan ice cream whenever you want, Because it’s a surprising thing for many ice cream sellers in India to think about ice cream that doesn’t contain animal milk.

But Nevertheless, nature provides us with alternatives to everything. Similarly, there are plenty of food items like soya, almond, cashew, coconut, or rice milk which help to make tastier icecreams.

Fortunately, there are lots of vegan brands in India, those who provide testier icecreams to people

Top 10 Vegan Icecream Brands in India | You must Try Once

In recent years many veganism brands are emerging in India, These brands are helping common people to adopt veganism to lead a healthier and less cruelty-free lifestyle.

#1. Papa Cream

Papa cream is India one of the largest sellers of dairy-free icecreams in India. In our research, we have found that this company sells its plant-based icecreams across the country in various big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore etc.

Being a mechanical engineer it was absolutely a different startup idea for Tanvi. But She usually read and experiment a lot with professional chefs, and food recipes during her college days.

And this is how he decided to convert her dream startup into reality. She came back to India and after having proper research and planning she launched papa cream in the next few years So that people can everybody enjoy her passion towards ice cream.

Today, papa cream is known for its variety of tasty ice cream cakes, and sugar-free icecreams which are not only delicious but also comes in lots of variety.

To know more about this company and checkout it’s products you can visit at its official website papacream.com

Brand Name Papa Icecream
Founder name Tanvi Chowdhary
Icecream Availability Both Online&Offline
Official Website https://papacream.com/


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#2. White Cub 

From Curd to vegan ice cream white cub deliveries all the dairy-free foods you need to be as vegan. White cub is a Gurgaon, Delhi-based vegan ice cream company in India and an e-commerce website which has several dairy and cholesterol-free products on their website.

It’s obvious you may be hearing this brand name for the first time but it’s important to note that it was considered the first-ever vegan free icecream company in India.

Their vegan products not only taste good but also their certified dairy-free products make them special from their competitors.

You should know that White CUb is recognized by  PETA Vegan Foods Awards for more than two years. This Gurgaon, Delhi-based company is led by MS, Sonal.

All the teammates are heavily focused on its mission to bring change in society to stop animal harassment.

Brand Name White Cub
Founder name Ms. Sonal
Home Delivery Available
Official Website https://whitecub.in/


#3. Nomou ~ Vegan Brand in India

Yeah! The name Seems interesting, The word comes from No-moo which simply means No to cow’s milk.

Like Nomou’s name, Their products make people get more attention on it. On their official website, we have found that Nomou is not only a unique but healthiest ice cream maker company in India.

All the Nomou products are plant-based and do not contain any artificial favour, colours or preservatives but yes all of its ice creams are tastier for children to engage.

Nomou is a 100% Vegan manufacturing company which means there any product is far away from milk.

This company was launched in 2020 and in a bit of time, they are providing their services in many popular cities like Pune Jaipur Delhi Mumbai Hyderabad Chennai etc.

So I guess if you haven’t tried their official website you may find worthy ice cream in a lower price.

Brand Name Nomou
Founder name Hemali Gala
Founded year 2018
Official Website https://nomou.in/


#4. Minus 30

For the past 6 years, the company has established itself as a Vegan ice cream maker company in the market.

Today it’s among the top vegan ice cream provider in India from where you can buy butterscotch vegan, sugar-free ice cream, coconut, dark chocolate and so many flavours.

On the official website of Minus30, you will find that this site is offering same-day delivery in tear1 cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

You will find a variety of flavours in ice creams but their vegan and sugar-free gelato is a top-selling product which contains healthy ingredients.

We can say if you are from any big city and want to taste vegan ice cream then you should once check their services.

Brand Name Minus 30
Founder name Gayatri (Narang) Rattha
Established Year 2016
Official Website https://minus30.co/

#5. Bakeart

It’s one of the massive vegan promoter companies. In 2014 the company was started with a vision to serve their customers preservative and chemical-free food to families who are able to cook themselves.

The company story says that in 2016 companies owner turned vegan by inspiring animal cruelty.

Today, they have plenty of Vegan products like vegan cupcakes, bread snacks, and vegan chocolate on their platform.

Especially if you are looking for vegan ice cream then in that category you will find organic vegan, coconut, sugar-free, Butterscotch ice creams and lots of other options.

Brand Name Bakeart
Founder name Arti & Vaibhav jain
Established Year 2014
Official Website https://bakeart.in/


#6. Tangelo

Imagine that you are enjoying ice cream which contains real Belgian dark chocolate, and almond milk without having any artificial colour flavour or preservatives.

Yes, If you can feel it, you can also taste it.

what makes them unique is that they used natural ingredients, Tangelo says that in their ice creams, you will get 30% real fruit in every scoop with having not any sugar at all.

While checking their official site we have found that its products are not only healthy but also promote Veganism.

In the There vegan category, you will find mango ice cream, coffee ice cream, cakes and many things.

Brand Name Tangelo
Founder name Pawan Malhotra
Established Year 2018
Official Website https://www.tangeloicecream.com/


#7. Vegan Heart

Another vegan company which had started its journey in fab 2018 by Guncha Wadhwa and Kapil Wadhwa. And in no time Vegan Heart ice creams were loved by thousands of vegan folks.

Initially, they started their business from the local market of Mumbai, But soon they realised that their dairy-free ice creams are getting good attracting people. And so they expanded their business in the possible investment.

Today Vegan heart is one of those popular vegan ice cream brands that are serving all the main cities in India.

To Checkout that they are available in your city, You just need to search for vegan heart ice cream, and this will lead you to the vegan heart site where you can place your order and try their tasty ice cream.

Brand Name Vegan Heart
Founder name Guncha Wadhwa and Kapil Wadhwa
Established Year February 2018


#8. Belo pops

this startup is truly inspirational for those who want to start their business around the veganism approach. In 2015 Simran Sharma (founder of Belopops) began her journey with just only 4 ice cream flavours.

Today company has more than 300 flavours of Belo pops. People from all the states have tested and tried their pops and got positive reviews.

People who are from Mumbai can check out their ice cream parlour located at Bandra west, And feel the pure organic ice cream taste. To know more about their products and startup just go through.

Brand Name Belo Pops
Founder name simran sharma
Established Year 2015
Official Website https://www.belopops.com/


#9. Cold Love

Hearing it the first time, no worry but let us tell you Cold love has become a prominent ice cream brand for local people of Delhi.

After spending 2 decades in the corporate world Aditya Tripathi went into a business which they never dreamed of. During his spare time, Aditya love to do a cool experiment in the kitchen.

But Eventually, the plan he made for his business went well go, today their delicious, smooth, rich ice creams, and preservative icecreams are tasted by hundreds of people in Delhi. Also, they have various frenchises in many states.

Brand Name Belo Pops
Founder name Simran Dhawan
Established Year 2015
Official Website https://www.coldlove.in/


#10. Koozies icecream

No doubt that ice creams become relief medicine in summer. but for our parents and senior citizens ice creams are the too sweet and fat full product.

But to change this notion, A man who is a fitness Freaker, dancer Rock climber named Mr Nishkarsh Arora decided to do something so that everyone can enjoy the taste of ice creams with no guilt.

In 2015 they started their business, to fulfil the desirable taste with no sugar. Koozies icecreams contain 2x protein, creamy with zero edit sugar also they are Vegan ice cream if you go through their website you will find most of their products are dairy free and have positive reviews.

Brand Name Koozies Icecream
Founder name Nishkarsh Arora
Established Year 2015
Official Website https://kooziesicecream.com/

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So guys, Today we have gone through some of the popular vegan ice cream companies in India. Hope! you have loved this post. Please do let us if you are looking for more blogs post dedicated to vegan people. Thanks!!

List of 10 Made in India Sports Shoes Brand | Checkout Now


Made in India Sports Shoe Brands: From children to old people everyone likes to wear sports shoes, as these are perfectly suited for running, playing and jogging.

Made in India sports shoes brand

But when we think about sports shoes, some international brands like Adidas, Nike etc straight way knocks our mind. But have you ever thought there are plenty of Indian shoe manufacturers who make incredible footwear at a decent price?

Probably not, That’s why our today’s Guide is dedicated to all the nation’s people who love to support Indian products and want to succeed the make in India campaign.

In today’s article you will be going to know about some Top Made in India Sports Shoe Brands | So let’s get started.

Top 10 Made in India Sports Shoe Brands

Apart from rich people most Indian people still buy shoes from the local market or roadside markets, But while picking a pair of shoes they even don’t try to check the origin of the shoes.

So next time whenever you plan to buy a pair of shoes if those shoes fall under the given list it will be easy for you to make sure that you are choosing the right kind of footwear.

However, we have already published various topics about Indian origin products like made-in-India shampoo, soap, toothpaste and facewash etc.

#1. Sparx sports shoes.

Sparx’s popularity and its top-quality products makes it on the top of this list, Sparx offers a wide range of durable, lightweight shoes to their customers. That’s why Sparx shoes are mostly loved by athletes and sportspersons.

This Delhi-based company is part of Relaxo which is also the largest footwear shoe brand in India.

So if you are looking to buy an Indian-origin sports shoe, we will recommend you to buy a pair of Sparx. As per our experience and customer reviews, we have found that Sparx shoes give excellent quality at a decent price.

All the Sparx shoes can be easily bought in eCommerce stores and the local markets.

#2. Campus

We don’t need to talk about the popularity of action shoes in India, especially in the casual and sports shoe segments. From rural to urban areas everywhere campus shoes are loved by people.

Campus activewear commonly known as Campus is the sub-brand of the action group which was founded by Nikhil Aggarwal in 1983 He is also the CEO of campus footwear.

after launching Campus in 1997, Today campus plays a vital role to empower made in India shoe campaign, Along with having 25 more sub-brands Campus is known as one of the largest shoe manufactures in India.

Campus shoes are best suitable for running purposes and even on a casual dress, these shoes look great. As a trustable shoe brand for Indian customers, campus shoe has an 85% major stake in the market.

#3. Red tape

it’s another successful Indian startup which was firstly got launched in the market in 1996, today it’s not only the trustable footwear brand for Indian people but also it has a global presence mainly in the US and Europe markets.

Redtape shoes give cool and comfortable looks. when visiting the official site of red tape you will have an option to choose a trendy and lightweight pair of shoes in various colours. These shoes start from 1100 up to 7300INR.

however, you may also check out their stores’ casual or formal shoes. All the operations and management of this private limited company are owned by mirza international which has a main office in Kanpur.

#4. Metro shoes ~ purely Indian sports shoe brand

Metro shoes formally known as Metro, is quite a popular shoe retailer company in India It has a presence in over 130 cities of India, and recently company has offered its IPO in the market.

The business journey of this footwear brand was started back in 1947 by opening its first shoe store in Mumbai. Today not only shoes but also company sell a wide array of products.

If you look at the official website you will have numerous options to choose different shoes for various occasions.

  • Formal Shoes
  • Casual Shoes
  • Ethnic Shoes
  • Party Shoes

So if you haven’t checked out metro shoes yet then it’s time to take a look at the best pair of sports shoes in India.

#5. Asian sport shoes

if you go for comfortable yet cheap sports shoes in the local market, you will be recommended Asian footwear from the shopkeepers.

The brand was firstly established in 2008 with the vision to manufacture a variety of shoes to customers. Using the latest technology and fine material today Asian shoes are available for all groups of age.

Mr Rajinder Jindal is the leader and mentor of the company who have done great work to climb the company to the path of success.

with having 50 lakh plus annual turnover This Indian company provides employment to over 700 people and the journey to becoming the topper brand in their domain is continuing.

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#6. Khadim’s Sports shoes

this Kolkata-based Indian footwear company has market presence for 30 years, IT’s one of the proudest Indian companies for us.

besides the local market, khadim’s s sports shoe has been dominating the online stores for a long time, Those who love to wear khadim’s footwear usually go for their sports shoes.

While exploring the best sports shoe, we found that khadim’s pro-running men’s shoes are one of the best-seller items on Flipkart. These shoes are ranked best for their good material also these shoes are lightweight and let you buy in two different colours.

The company is managed and led by Mr Siddhartha Roy Burman who is the owner and CEO of this company. The current growth and rewards show the company truly deserves to be India’s best footwear company.

#7. inc5

apart from all the above-mentioned brands, inc5 is truly an an exclusive shoe Indian origin brand, which was founded by Almas Nanda in 1988 with the vision to provide comfortable yet stylish sports for ladies.

Today inc5 is one of the popular names among the top Indian footwear company, There are so many inc5 stores that can be seen in various big cities like Kolkata, delhi, Mumbai etc.

One of the best things is that on inc5 stores both men and women can find various types of shoes according to their needs and desire. Especially having a filter on the sports category you will find that there are also sports shoes available with good looks and ratings.

So it can be said that you have another choice to checkout made in India shoes by visiting the inc5 store.

#8. Red chief

Red cheif is quite heard brand for many people, as we are regularly watching its advertisements for many years, red chief was launched as a desi shoe brand with the vision to provide quality leather shoes to customers.

Their leather shoe concept made them one of india’s trustable and best quality shoe providers. Today red chief has stores in 16 various stores and has over 3k plus multi-brand outlets.

Mr. Manoj Gyanchandani is the founder and CEO of this brand, Vicky Kaushal is the brand ambassador of this company. now if we look at the sports shoe segment red chief Furo is one of the best running shoes we have found during research.

This shoe can dominate the space by competing with its rival brand like Puma, Adidas and so on.

#9. Action sports shoes

Action shoes are my best foot mate during my childhood, probably you may know there was only one brand that was quite popular for their school shoes.

Let us tell you this is a pure Delhi-based Indian private limited shoe company which heavily trusted by Indian people and liked by many of our big sports stars like sachin tendular, kapil dev and so much players.

That’s the reason it’s India’s no.1 sports shoe company which manufactures over 1 lac shoe on daily basis and has 50k plus retail outlets over India. The company was incorporated in 1972 since it had established itself as one of the best shoe manufacture of India.

if you wanna buy a sports shoe or gift someone in the family, action shoes can be a perfect choice. These shoes are heavily recommended by people.

#10. Provogue

it’s last but not the least Indian company in our list which has made its name for their stylish lifestyle products.

This Mumbai based company has currently dominating the Indian market by being a leading fashion brand. in July 2021 Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan was chosen to be the ambassador of this company.

If you look at the online stores you will find that prologue provides a wide range of sports shoe to their customers, these shoes have decent looks with having comfortable, lightweight and yet affordable.

while visiting the different sites on the web we have found many positive reviews about this Indian company. so now we have made another choice for you to look at the best Indian sports shoes.

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So guys after remembering all the key points regarding Made in India Sports Shoe Brands, you have to find the complete information about this matter, if you find this article helpful then do share it on social media.

Top 2 Made in india Sunglasses Brands| People don’t know


Sunglasses has not only a wearable stylish accessory but also became a need of the person. Thus people can find various types of sunglasses for men and women. In today’s post, we have unlocked the secret things about Made in India Sunglasses Brands.

 Made in india Sunglasses Brands

See, There was a time when sunglasses were assumed as a luxury item. but nowadays these are becoming protection shields for a human which protects our eyes from dangerous UV rays. Thus observing its importance every year 27th June is celebrated as a national sunglasses day.

However, you may find sunglasses starting from 100 rupees, But most of the foreign brands we see in the market are manufactured and sold by foreign brands, Thus this guide will help you to know about Indian sunglasses brands.

How to choose the perfect sunglasses?

Till now, if you used to choose a sunglasses basis on their price, design and colour filtration, Then wait for a minute I am sharing some cool secret tips which will gonna make you able to find the right pair of sunglasses as per your needs.

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  • It’s worthwhile to spend some minutes choosing suitable spectacles for your face, Which will help you to wear them for many years.
  • As the primary reason for wearing sunglasses is to protect yourself from dangerous UV rays, thus it is important to consider the lenses which have 100% UV protection capacity.
  • don’t ignore the size aspects, googles frames either not should be too small or not bigger. However, if you use them for sensitive purposes (not only for looks) then a bigger frame will give you better protection.
  • According to fashion experts, Whenever buying goggles it is recommended to pick one which has the opposite design to your face shape. it’s easy to know your face type and trying various glasses will make you able the right glass.

Top 2 Made in India Sunglasses Brands| check now

See, if you look at the market you will find that there are plenty of options to choose a perfect pair of sunglasses for yourself. But as you, filter brands based on their country of origin, you will see there are very few brands which have a label of India. Here’s the list of top sunglasses companies.

#1. Fastrack Sunglasses~ The Tata Product

For many years, Fastrack has been the best budget segment fashion accessories brand among Indian youth, it was launched back 17 years ago as a watch-selling brand by the tata group.

But as time passes Fastrack decided to jump into the sunglasses business. in 2009 company launched its first showroom to sell various types of fashionable items like affordable yet stylish bags, wallets even sunglasses.

Now after beginning the journey company didn’t look back, today this titan’s sub-brand has a valuation of over 1k cr. and has nearly exclusive showrooms and stores in every big city.

Especially talking about sunglasses, Fastrack offers a wide range of goggles in very cool & attractive shapes to both men and women. So far as per our own experience and based on the internet research we have found the best customer reviews. Thus it can be said that Fastrack is a superior made-in-India sunglasses brand.

Another thing we shouldn’t miss here is that in 2020 Fastrack launched its first audio sunglasses which attracted users for many months. let us tell you these types of goggles look the same as normal glasses, and the best feature they had Bluetooth connectivity which can be easily paired with your android smartphone.

#2. IDEE

IDEE is known for their high-quality sunglass, Bollywood stars such as Alia Bhatt, and Ranvir Kapoor is often seen wearing these cool glasses. Idee offers various kinds of unisex sunglasses with hassle-free shipping across India. If you haven’t looked for these sunglasses yet, you may explore all its products on Amazon and Flipkart.

From hundreds of designs and colours, one can easily find the suitable glass of their choice. By visiting its official website you will find that they also have an option to choose the right pair of sunglasses for a person.

However, the company isn’t much popular among Indian people but as an eyewear brand, this startup was launched in 2000 by Ronak optik india pvt ltd. Soon the company had established itself as a quality yet impressive sunglasses.

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Why Indian sunglasses brands aren’t popular?

We all know due to a lack of innovation, marketing strategy and focus, this important sector remains untouched by Indians. Thus like other types of fashionable products and general accessories, There aren’t many options for us to choose a reliable and best Indian sunglasses brand.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that various kinds of sunglasses are manufactured and sold in India. But there isn’t any brand that gains much popularity like foreign brands. But to support the made in India campaign established companies should jump into this sector.

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So Guys, after having complete information about Made in India Sunglasses Brands, now it may easy for you to choose the right brand of sunglasses brand for yourself.

Top 6 Made in india Clock Brands| Which you don’t know


Made in india Clock Brands: Days are gone when Wall clocks are the only devices which help us to monitor time, However, in the era of advanced technology, you may still find a wall clock in everyhome.

made in india clock brands

But While Discussing wall clocks, it is necessary to know that most people prefer and go with a traditional and popular clock brand. That’s why we Indians often forget to think a bit about Made-in-India clocks.

But if you heartily support made in India campaign, and love to know about Indian products, then today we are going to share with you the brand names which are originally made in India.

Most of the listed brands sell fancy and durable clocks, so you should definitely know about them.

3 Most Common Types of clocks

Before letting know about clock brands, it is important to have a look on the most common type of wall clocks.

#1. Analog:- A most common type of wall clock which can be found in almost every Indian home. This type of clock works using a battery cell. These clocks have 1 to 12 numbers in numerical form and roman numbers.

#2. Digital clock:- A common type of clock which can be seen in standby mode on the table. This type of clock has some more advanced and usefull features than an Analog watch. Such as alarm, temperature meter, date& month counting.

#3. Striking CLock:- these types of clocks are no more in trend, but still these clocks can be found on the roof of buildings. The perfect example of striking clocks is the Big Ben London clock tower.

#1. Ajanta

Ajanta also known as the Father of wall clocks, is a pure Indian startup which was launched by the late Mr. odhavi ji (owner of the company) along with some partners. Today Ajanta Orpat groups are known as the world’s second-biggest wall clock manufacturer company.

ajanta wall clock

Today Ajanta clocks are sold in many countries, With having 1200 yearly turnover this company employes 4500 people. Thus, we can say proudly that this list starts with this company.

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#2. Titan

Maybe there isn’t anybody Who doesn’t know about Brightest yet well-looking titan’s clock, let us tell you that this clock brand was established in 1987 with having a partnership with tata industries and Tidco premier.

titan made in india wall clock

Whether it is a wristwatch or a wall clock, In the past 34 years titan has made a great place in our hearts by manufacturing A1 class products. The reason behind this titan’s great success goes to their marketing strategy, at that time titan’s beautiful clocks were used to buy as the best gifting option.

#3. OPAL ~ Top Made in India Clock brand

Yes, As like given top two companies OPAL didn’t get as much popularity. But a company which was launched in 2007, today manufactures many types of home decor items. Today OPAL company sold their watches under two brands. The first one is their flagship brand and another one is caliber clock which is their budget brand.

OPAL made in india clock

Today opal watches can be easily found in every local market also these clocks can be bought via e-commerce stores like Flipkart and Amazon. With their strong, stylish and affordable clocks this company is having a 100cr + yearly turnover.

#4. Random

with Having clock designs in 1500 plus categories like Nature, culture, art etc today random watches are known as one of the stylish watch brands in India. So if you wanna buy a clock with unique pattern clocks for your home& office then it is one of the brands whom with which you can go.

#5. Lynrex

A private limited company which has got so much popularity with its creative products. kanpur based this Indian manufacture various types of household items in such a decorative way so if you search for lynrex clocks in google then you will get various types of wooden clocks, however, it’s a new startup which still needs to be highlighted and needs your support to grow.

#6. Hoopoe

it’s another name in the clock market which is quite new, let us tell you that hoopoe is a private limited non-govt company which is located at Tamilnadu Chennai. Hoopoe known for its decorative wall clocks.

Hoopoe Decor

if your old-fashioned wall clocks needs to be replaced with a new stylish one then you should consider a hoopoe clock. Most of the hoopoe clocks are made from engineered wood and have multicolour options.

How to make a wall clock at Home

Building a wall clock from the scratch isn’t need many tools or strategy just you should have a keen desire to build it. Here we are going to share the things you will need to make a wall clock just by sitting comfortably from your home. So let’s know about them

#1. Wall clock kit:-

A wall clock comes with all the necessary tools to build a clock, I mean all those mechanical parts you will need to make a clock come with a wall clock kit. it includes clock hands which help you to know seconds, minutes or hours. This kit is available at online stores and markets.

#2. Clock base:-

Another important thing to making a wall clock is a clock base, you will find various types of clock bases in different designs and sizes. However, if you don’t want to spend your money, you can make it at home through any west household item by showing some creativity.

#3. Drill machine:-

After setting up all the mechanical parts of a wall clock, you need an electric drill to create holes in the clock base. This drill can be found in online and offline stores.

#4. Sandpaper:-

Next, you need a paper to give a beautiful design to your clock. especially if your clock base is made from wood then you need sandpaper which you can buy via offline stores easily.

#5. Some other items

Wood glue:- to paste the clock numbers into the clock base.
paint brush:- to design the clock base and numbers.
paint:- to paint the numbers.


So readers, After scrolling this article till the end. Hope you have got the answer about Made in India clock brands. if you enjoyed this content then do spread this information on social media to aware more people.

Top 10 Made in india Lighting Companies! Check Now


The beauty of lighting not only makes our home brighter but also adds beauty to external places like roads, markets etc. But very few of us know that among the many popular lighting brands which are the top 10 Made in india Lighting Companies. To get the answer please stay tuned with us.

Made in india Lighting Companies

There isn’t any dought that electricity has made our life so easy than ever, apart from various electric equipment the role of lighting products is so important. Thus the use of bulbs, lamps and colourful lights can be easily seen in every home.

Especially while decorating a home or having a party & function the importance of lighting increases. Thus the market size of lighting products is so big than any other, that’s why today we have brought the list of top 10 led lighting companies? So, stay tuned with us because we are sharing amazing stuff with you.

Made in india Lighting Companies| You should know 

#1. Syska

When we talk about energy-efficient lighting products Syska is the name which first came to our mind, From LED bulbs to LED tube lights & street lights, Syska always tries to offer the best to its consumers.

However this emerging brand still needs to get promoted, Still, most of its customers don’t know that this is an Indian company. Syska brand is owned by SSK group which was founded by Rajesh Uttamchandani in 1989.

Syska led lights first came into the market in 2012 but now with having a 500cr turnover syska dominating the market space with its supreme quality products and services.

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#2. Bajaj electronics

Bajaj is still considered the #1 motorcycle brand, But did you know bajaj group (founded by the late Mr Jaman Lal bajaj ) also deals in various kinds of business such as the electronic segment.

Today with a variety of consumer electronics products like fans, Led bulbs, grinder mixers, irons, coolers, water heaters etc. bajaj holds significant market value in the market.

Currently, this company is having ₹4,987 crores turnover and has 500 plus customer care centres which insures that as an authoritative brand bajaj always tries to satisfy its customers. Currently, Mr Shekar bajaj is the owner and managing director of this company and doing awesome work for the growth of this company.

#3. Crompton Lighting

Besides being known for the coolest ceiling fans, Crampton is also a big brand in the lighting sector. You may need to know that it’s an Indian brand which manufactures both LED and non led products in the market.

This Mumbai based electronic consumer limited company was bought by Mr l k Thapar in 1974. Today it has divided its operation into mainly two sectors which are given below.

1. Crompton ECD in which they sell electronic appliances.
2. and the other one is lighting.

#4. Havells ~ Trustabale Made in India Lighting Company

This Noida based electronic consumer company doesn’t need to be introduced, it is a trustable brand for millions of users in India. Havells is known for offering supreme quality products.

Especially in the lighting sector, Havells deals for their best-led bulb, lamps, portable lighting, spotlight and strips and batteries. All Havells product comes under a 1-year warranty.

let us tell you that the business journey of Havells in India, is older than 80 years. Havells was started by the late Mr Haveli ram Gandhi, later it was sold to one of their distributor named keemat ray gupta (also known as the owner of Havells) and the company has an annual turnover of 13888.53 INR.

#5. Lokozo

Now some of you may be surprised by this unique brand name, Actually apart from daily uses lighting products lokozo deals and manufactures only special types of lighting products such as solar led street lights, flood lights, and underwater swimming lights.

Lokozo company was established in 2013, and the office of the company is located in Bengaluru Karnataka. All the workers and management is led by Subrata Saha, currently, it is growing as one of the best made in India lighting company which is the biggest Exporter and Manufacturer with having annual 5cr to 10cr turnover.

#6. Wipro

This list will be incomplete without adding Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, One of the richest charity lovers guy named Aziz prem Ji is the founder of this company. Due to having first priority to their customer, they are writing their success story for almost one decade.

When we look into the Wipro lighting collection you will find high quality products such as LED Bulbs, LED Battens, LED Flat panels, LED Spotlights and LED Downlights those are highly energy-efficient and gives you awesome performance for many years.

#7. Soorya lightings

Soorya company is extremely popular for quality fans, lighting, kitchen appliances and PVC pipes in India, that’s the reason it is listed on the top 10 led light manufacturers in India. Apart from India, this brand is having exportation contracts with 44 other countries and has an annual turnover of Rs 6000cr.

Very few people know that this company was started as a tube making unit in 1973 by B.D. Agarwal. Today Jai Prakash Agarwal ( Padma Shri) holder takes all the strategic business decisions for this company.

#8. Evergreen Light

Whether it comes to indoor lighting or outdoor lighting it’s the only brand which continuously manufactured supreme quality of made in India products, for a decade. After establishing in 2008 evergreen light-limited was quickly able to gain satisfaction and trust from customers with their lighting products like LED Street Light, LED Tube Light, and LED Down Light.

The company do its all of its operations via its head office which is located in Jaipur Rajasthan. On the IndiaMART site, we have found that Ram Dhanoria is the person who is known as the CEO of this company.

#9. Adyxa LED Flood Light

Apart from casual led bulbs Adyxa mainly focus on special types of led lights such as Street Light, Flood Light, Tube Light, Surface Panel Light, etc. Thus every year millions of people prefer this brand due to having the best build quality and safety features on their product.

This Indian private limited company was started in 2015, by a small group of people. Today the company has 11 to 25 employees and has an annual turnover of 50 lakh. So we have listed this brand as the 7 biggest LED bulb manufacturers in India.

#10. Emwalk

Emwalk is another Indian startup which has a decent number of trustable customers. Just like Adyxa this company produces special types of LED products such as flashlights, solar lights and rechargeable emergencies. many of its products can be easily bought on online stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

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So after reading this guide you may now have complete information about the Top Made in india Lighting Companies! hope you have found this content helpfull. Do share this content on social media for more helpfull content.

A Full Guide to Selecting the Best Refrigerator for Your Kitchen


We can probably all agree that we can live without an oven and a dishwasher in the kitchen (albeit life will be a little less comfortable). Still, the refrigerator is a must-have in each home. It is never turned off. That’s why it is necessary to read A Full Guide to Selecting the Best Refrigerator for Your Kitchen.

 Guide to Selecting the Best Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

It is always on, and we use it to preserve our food daily. As a result, when it comes time to replace the refrigerator, one may have reservations about purchasing the ideal model for the family’s needs and the kitchen.

Technological advancement has led to the introduction a wide range of refrigerators on the market. They adapt to our demands more accurately and offer innovations that make our lives easier.

These include energy savings or connectivity, as it has with other types of household equipment. The best part is getting some of the Best refrigerators under Rs. 20000, making the appliance highly affordable!

SIZE AND ROOM| Guide to Selecting the Best Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

Measure your kitchen before you go out and buy that dream refrigerator. If it does not fit in the fridge, it is useless. Before looking at the designs, capacities, and features of the latest refrigerators on the market, you must be sure of the dimensions of the available space.

So, don’t forget to take precise measurements of the height, width, and depth (with a margin of 3 cm to ensure proper ventilation).

For all those becoming self-sufficient, make the rookie mistake of measuring the distance once the refrigerator door is open to determine the model that best matches your kitchen (if it is a reversible model or possibly opening it for another side).

Finally, suppose your kitchen has a designated refrigerator niche. You want to match the finish to the rest of the furniture. In that case, you can choose between a built-in refrigerator and one without a casing.

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We’ll look at the broad typology, which considers the number of doors and their distribution in general. Something that can alter the capacity and functionality of a posteriori.

Refrigerators with only one door. They’re the ones that only function as refrigerators because they don’t have a freezer. They are less expensive and allow you to utilize all available refrigerator space, making them particularly handy if we are accustomed to often replacing fresh or prepared goods.

Refrigerators with two doors: This is the most famous and iconic model. A separate freezer in the upper area is integrated into the same unit and uses the same circuit. They’re cost-effective and small, making them ideal for folks who only use the freezer sometimes but don’t want to give it up.

Combination refrigerators: These fridges combine the functions of a refrigerator and a freezer in larger models with more internal space and power. The freezer is usually on the bottom level, separated into three or more drawers or shelves. The larger refrigeration body is on the upper level. They’re pretty adaptable, allowing both units’ thermostats to be controlled independently.

Side by side refrigerators: They are large-capacity refrigerators that, while the basic models have two vertical doors for the freezer and fridge, have expanded to include three or even four doors, providing a lot of storage possibilities. They are ideal for families with multiple members that frequently cook at home, as they have a large capacity.

Mini refrigerators: These are much smaller than the previous ones (perfect for a single person or a beach apartment). They occasionally have a little freezer inside the same door at the top.

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We must also inspect the internal capacity of the refrigerator, even though we already know its external dimensions. The larger ones do not always have the same amount of interior space, so evaluate the total functional capacity and the shelf and compartment distribution. We may then see if they meet our family’s requirements.

The larger the internal capacity, the more space to store food. If a family of four eats at home frequently, they will need roughly 300 liters of total power. It’s also pointless to invest in a considerable refrigerator if we’re not using it because we’ll pay more for electricity.

A combi refrigerator would suffice; on average, it has about 230 liters of functional internal refrigerator capacity and roughly 80 liters of freezer capacity.

Choose a model that allows you to play with space and has a large freezer if you cook frequently and frequently store leftovers or freeze portions in advance. For this part, some combis are more generous.

You can choose the following types of refrigerators, the American ones if you are used to making significant purchases or have a family of more than four. Here, capacity skyrockets, and the fork is more comprehensive. The refrigerator’s practical capacity exceeds 400 liters, and the freezer’s capacity is 200 liters.

Consider the interior design of the space based on the placement of organizational features such as drawers, bottle holders, and shelves. Consider whether you want a large room for fruits and vegetables or if you need to store a lot of large bottles.

In this regard, new refrigerators are becoming more adaptable, with the ability to order food in an “intelligent” manner. This allows users to optimize temperature as much as possible and better react to our needs.

Fresh vegetable drawers, for example, are commonplace, with humidity and temperature extending their life significantly. Similarly, some refrigerators offer a “flexible zone” where you can adjust the temperature to fast cold drinks, for example.

More and more advancements in the field of conservation make it easier to maintain food properties for longer and healthier periods. The most notable are:

No frost: This system is standard in current refrigerators that prevent frost formation by distributing the cold uniformly and avoiding condensation. Some freezers improve this aspect by having a dual system, one for each compartment. The energy savings are also impressive.

Antibacterial preservation system: some versions have antibacterial surfaces, while others go further by adding a UV light system inside.

Connectivity is another area where the refrigerator will advance. It is already establishing itself as a leader in the “intelligent gadgets” family in the linked home. Some companies, like Samsung, include them in a connected ecosystem with their operating system.

Many alternative connectivity features are available on the market if we don’t get to that point. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, we can manage our refrigerator from our phone, the refrigerator’s touch screen, or even a smart speaker.

From the supermarket, we can, for example, control the temperature or even examine the inside of the refrigerator, allowing us to determine what ingredients we are missing.

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So folks, After reading the post you have got a full Guide to Selecting the Best Refrigerator for Your Kitchen, hope you have found this content usefull. do share this article on social media to help others for choosing a best freez.

6+ Made in India saving blades companies| Check Now


Saving is an important part of men’s grooming, Thus choosing a good saving blade is necessary. Today we have brought a list of Made in India saving blades companies that you should check now.

made in india shaving blades company

Due to the popularity of foreign companies, Often we don’t familiar with Indian brands, That’why we often tell you about essential items like face wash, toothpaste and etc. And today we are going to discuss important aspects of men’s personality, so let’s know about

 Made in India saving blades companies| Purely indian

#1. Topaz Blade

Most Indians prefer Topaz blades for clean shaving, I remember my uncle used to Topaz blades when I was a kid but even today it is considered an outstanding blade in terms of quality and security aspects. Topaz is a flagship company of the Malhotra Group, which sells Stainless safety razor blades under the Topaz brand. Topaz blades are available in small packs which can be easily bought via nearest store hence we have listed it on the first line.

#2. LetsShave

With 100 million happy customers and a global presence in 130 countries, Letsshave is known to be a quality razor blade manufacturing company. Who also holds a record for making the world’s first 6-Blade razor, Let us tell you that this is an Indian company whose founder is Siddharth Oberoi, today we can easily find the Letshavetrimmers on market.

Letsshave trimmers are made up of the finest materials and these razors provide much comfortablity& convenience in saving. You can order Letsshave’s products offline and online from their official website or you can check out them on Amazon & Flipkart.

Best made in india trimmer Under 2000 | indiamebest

#3. Supermax

Super Max is also a big name among razor blade manufacturing companies, this company is also known to be launched the world’s first triple-blade disposable razor. The company provides one-stop saving solutions, you will find double blade, single twin blades & all types of blades here.

Currently, this company is one of the top razor blade companies in India, with having 500 retailers all over the world. Supermax Razor Blades are manufactured in Pune and these blades provide comfortable shaving at low cost, thus we can say So far this blade has got good reviews.

#4. Zorrik supreme

Zorrik supreme blads can be easily seen in the market, these blades are manufactured by Hema Enterprises in Gujarat and they are sold in 9 countries of the world including India. Zorrik tablets deliver the highest quality blades and give you better performance while saving, you use these blades with straight razors or double edge razors.

The blades of this company are known for their sharp edge, millions of people use Zorrik supreme blades regularly so we don’t need to think about the quality of these blades.

#5. Bosco saving blades

This company is not much popular as topaz but yes it is an Indian brand that is known for its best blades in the market. These Bosco saving blades are used by professionals and office going people, it currently has a turnover of more than 50 lakhs.

Bosco blades come in metallic colour and are available in double edge and single edge variety which are considered best for hair cutting, these stainless steel blades can be bought in different countries of the world including India.

#6. Rk shaving blade

As a blade manufacturer, Rk is a fast emerging brand all over the world which is present in many countries including Asia, this company provides you double edge disposable razor blades with saving products. RK blades are made from standard material of top quality.

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Important things need to be checked out while buying a Blade

Whenever you start saving at home, it is necessary to consider these things.

  1. If you are not fond of having a heavy beard or if you do not have a tight beard, then it is best for you to choose a razor blade that gives you smoother savings, but if you have a Thick beard then you can go for a Harder or sharper blade.
  2. If you are in school or college and just starting to shave, it is better to use a smooth blade.
  3. Also if you are going to shave for the first time, then it is better that you consult a barber or a friend who will help you to make the first shave.

FAQ- Shaving Blade made in india| Indian shaving Blade company

Is Gillette an Indian brand?

No, it is a foreign brand which is known all over the world for its quality razors, Also it is very famous for its grooming products

Owner of Topaz Blade Company?

All Topaz blades are manufactured by a private company called HLM, HML is a flagship company of the Malhotra Group which was adopted by the Malhotra Group in 1945.

Why are not Indian shaving blade companies so popular?

Indian razor blades are not popular due to the lack of their marketing& growing production as compared to foreign razor blades.

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Conclusion~ Made in India Shaving Blade

So guys we have shared a list of Made in India saving blades companies, hope you have found this helpful please don’t forget to share this content for more interesting stuff.

List of 8 Made in India laptop Brands| People Don’t know


If you love country made products and you are looking for Indian origin laptops in 2022 then you have come to the right spot, Today I will share info about made in India laptop brands!

made in india laptop brands

When it comes to laptops, Most of us think about popular brands such as Lenovo and hp, But few of us know that some Indian companies manufacture and sell laptops in the market.

Did you know? The grid compass is the first laptop launched in India, which was quite bulky than today’s tablet.

List of Made in India laptop Brands

All the listed companies are Indian and have manufacturing units in various parts of the country, If we forget to mention any brand name then please let us know via comment section.

#1. Coconics Laptops

It might be a new brand for many people, but we can say Coconics is a Kerala based private limited company that sells thin and lightweight laptops in the market. Coconics offers some amazing features like most of their laptops has water-resistant, drop-resistant features with a decent battery backup. So if you really wanna explore new made in India laptops, then you should surely check out Coconics laptops once.

coconics laptops made in india

Recommended Laptop:-  Coconics Enabler C1314W – Windows 10

#2. RDP Laptops

RDP claims itself as India’s cheapest hardware manufacturing company which has tablets, desktops and laptops on market. RDP laptops offer the best features such as it comes with Windows operating system, intel processer and much more, Thus RDP can be considered as the best made in India innovation. You can explore all the RDP laptops features and checkout them online.

rdp- made in india laptop brand

#3. AGP Laptops

You will find various kinds of laptops on the official site of agp, if you are planning to buy a laptop for the first time then you should check out agp laptops. Let us tell you agb known for its mini PC, commercial desktop and selling pc equipment. In case of having any problem, doughts you can share your query with agp group. You can also check it out agp laptops on e- commerce sites.

agp laptopsRecommended Laptop:- AGB Orion RA-0301 14″ Laptop (7th Generation Intel Core i7- / 16GB RAM

#4. Lava

After viewing the vast opportunities in the mobile sector, lava started its operation in 2009 with feature mobiles. And within a year of its launching it became a favourite brand for millions of Indians, Time changed and the company decided to launch an attractive Smartphones with an awesome design, Later lava also decided to launch its laptops. Currently, lava sells all the accessories related to tech gadgets such as power banks, earbuds etc.

lava laptops - Made in India laptop Brands

#5. Micromax

A decade ago Micromax was quite popular for its mobiles across the nation, in 2014 it was listed as the top 10 mobile brand in the world. Today we know Micromax as a consumer electronics company that sells ac, smart tv, led. washing machine and laptops. However, this company wasn’t able to establish itself as a big brand as a laptop manufacturing company.

micromax laptop


#5. Smartron

Smartron is a lot based company that offers the latest speakers, laptops and electronics Bikes in the market, Smartron laptops can be easily available with decent features in an affordable range.

if you are looking for a truly Indian origin laptop then you should once check out this laptop on Flipkart. Based on the latest intel core processor these Smartron laptops are able to give an awesome performance.

#6. Iball Laptops

iball is a familiar brand for most Indian users, Today iball is known for selling computing peripherals, iball offers decent laptops in an affordable range. If you are a student, a beginner who is looking for a good laptop can go with iball laptops, These laptops are best for online streaming, basic tasks you can check it out these laptops online.

iball laptops made in india brand

#7. HCL

As a next-generation company, HCl is a big name in the computing world. There was a time when hcl used to manufacture and sell laptops in market, But as per time company failed to survive in the market and went out from pc business.

hcl laptops



The bottom line on Made in India Laptop Brands

We hope after viewing a list of made in India laptop brands, you may have seen many brands for the first time. This proves that Indian companies still need to establish themselves as a brand. companies need to import and manufacture from other countries, thus buyers do not get the best and cheap laptops. So guys we hope this list of made in India laptop brands will help you, if you found this post helpful then give us a shout out by sharing this content on social media.

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List of Made in India Tablet Brands| Sad Reality


We can easily see the dominance of mobile giant companies like Samsung in the market. But Did you know some Indian companies are offering awesome tablets at a reasonable price, Today we will go through these Made in India Tablet brands!

made in india tablet brands

As per comparison tablet market is quite low than smartphones, But due to portability and screen size, people loved its tablet. At Indiamebest we often discuss Indian origin products recently we have covered topics like made in India smartphones, toothpaste, face wash and other products to make aware people of the make in India campaign.

Popular Made in India Tablet Brands

#1. iBall

iBall understand their customer needs and budget, thus they have always tried to offer good items at affordable price. Let us tell you iBall is an Indian company that also manufactures tablets in the market.

if you are looking for a tablet that can fulfil all the basic tasks like video streaming, multitasking, video calling at an affordable price then iball devices is for you. Here is the list of all laptops that are under the 10k range.

#2. Lava tablets

Lava is another Indian brand that offers tablets under 8k to 12k category. Lava started its business journey in 2009 with feature mobiles. But as per the market scenario, later company decided to manufacture smartphones& tablets.

Let us remember you that there was a time when lava had dominated the mobile market, But the company wasn’t able to compete with its rivals. But lava products are worth considering as per their price, Here is the list of lava tablets you can check out online.

List of Indian tablet manufacturing companies who shut their operations

There was a time when smartphones were quite new for many Indians, At that point in time brands like Micromax, Karbonn launched their tablets to offer smart features on the bigger screen And some companies got success in their strategy. But in a heavy competition company were failed their startup here is the list of some companies.

  • Micromax
  • Karbonn
  • Intex
  • Celkon
  • Bsnl
  • Ambrane

Not made in china Tablet Brands

#1. Ipad

Apple’s smart devices are quite popular for their high-class security& performance. Task those you usually perform on your android, you can do same on bigger iPad screen So whether you wanna entertain yourself or you need to do professional work on excel or ms-word, iPad can be the perfect device to manage all the stuff you wanna need for yourself.

Recommended :- iPad Pro 12.9

#2. Samsung

From mobiles to homemade appliances Samsung established itself as a reputed brand, Did you know Samsung also offers the best tablets to its users. So far if you had a great experience with Samsung then you should check out the Samsung tablet once. This South Korean company offers a wide range of expensive tablets and can be found online & offline.

Recommended:-  Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

#3. Asus Tablets

Asus tablets offer the best features, performance as per their pricing, These tablets can be said the best alternative to expensive tablets. This non-Chinese company usually manufactures smartphones, laptops and sells tablets. If you need a laptop with android os then the Asus tablet can fulfil your requirements.

#4. Hp tablets

Hp is a popular name in the computing industry, But do you know hp also offers a wide range of tablets in the different budget segments. However recently hp announced that they are not going to manufacture cheap tablets anymore Because the company wants to occupy the business laptops space. You can check out the available hp tablets on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

#5. Microsoft

If you are looking for a tablet that has a windows operating system, Then you can go for Microsoft tablets. Microsoft tablets come with a unique design, comfortable keyboard with the desktop operating system that’s why these tablets can be the best alternatives to an iPad or laptop.

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FAQ- Made in India Tablet Brands

why are Indian companies not manufacturing tablets anymore?

Currently, Indian origin tablets aren’t able to compete with cheap Foreign companies especially Chinese tablets. Thus companies like Micromax have stopped their tablet business.

Why are Indian company tablets aren’t much popular?

As of now, we aren’t able to fully assemble or manufacture a tablet in India, Thus
Indian brands need to export the table parts from countries like china so the Indian tablet cost usually gets high rather than cheap Chinese tablets. So we can say it’s the only reason Chinese brands are not able to compete with foreign brands.

Which is not a made in china tablet?

here is the list of tablets that aren’t made in china:

Are tablets only manufacturers in china?

No companies like Samsung have their own manufacturing units in their county, non-Chinese tablets have greater performance and durability thus these laptops are more costly than Chinese tablets.

Bottom Line: Made in India Tablet Brands

So guys After knowing About Made in India Tablet brands, it depends on you whether you should buy Indian origin Tablets or not. However, till now, you have taken a decision to buy a suitable Indian brand. if you like this post, then please share it on social media. Thanks for reading!!

Top 20 Tyre companies in india| Know which is No. 1


If you are looking for the best Tyre Company for your own vehicle, then here you will get to see the list of Top 20 tyre companies in India, So that you can go with the right Tyre brand.

Top 20 tyre companies in India

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a vehicle, Which lets you drive safely on the road. Thus we should spend enough time opting for comfortable& durable tyres. There are many Trusted Indian and foreign Tyre brands in India that have been loved for their High quality.

Quick Note: Here is the list of 12 pure made in indian tyre brands those are considered as the most reliable tyres in india.

Popular 20 Tyre Companies in India| You should check now

#1. CEAT Tyres

CEAT has always been a trusted Tyre brand among car owners. From scooters to cars Ceat sells a wide range of tyres in the market. It is an Indian limited company that has a presence in 100 plus countries in addition to Asia. By visiting the official website of CEAT you can get a suitable tyre for your vehicle just by entering the car model.

Country of origin India
Founder name Virginio Bruni Tedeschi
Established year 1924
Net worth ₹2,766.11 cr.

#2. Mrf Tyres

Madras Rubber Factory commonly known as MRF is one of the largest Tyre companies in India and one of the 6 largest Tyre companies in the world. MRF was started as a rubber balloon factory but today it is a well-known brand for its superior quality tyres. Today it has a global presence in over 65 countries along with having a network of over 5000 dealers in India.

Country of origin India
Founder name K. M. Mammen Mappillai
Established year 1946
Net worth ₹1,277.06 crore

#3. Bridgestone Tyres~ world’s no. 1 Tyre Brand

Apart from manufacturing various parts of vehicles, this Japanese company is famous for its Quality tyres. Bridgestone Tyres can be seen on small vehicles such as cars, suvs to large heavy trucks and buses. Along with city riding, Bridgestone Tyres are working perfectly while off-roading. Many Indians prefer this company because of its comfort and fuel efficiency.

Country of origin Japan
Founder name Shōjirō Ishibashi
Established year 1 March 1931
Net worth ¥265.55 billion (2016)

#4. jK Tyres

JK Tyres manufactures its Tyres for all types of vehicles. JK Tyre is a part of the JK Organization for the last four decades it has given tough competition to its rival companies in the market. Currently, it has a network of more than 4,000 dealers, today JK Tyres are sold at more than 400 locations in the country. Therefore, this Indian company is currently counted among the top 25 Tyre manufacturers in the world.

Country of origin india
Founder name Lala Juggilal Singhania & Lala Kamlapat Singhania
Established year 1918
Net worth 2398.39 cr

#5. Apollo

After entering into the Tyres business in 1972, today Apollo Tyre is one of the leading Tyre manufacturer companies in India having a total of 5 manufacturing units across India. Apart from India, Apollo Tyres are exported in more than 100 countries. You can find the right Tyre according to your vehicle by visiting ApolloTyres.com and you can also check the nearby Apollo store.

Country of origin India
Founder name Onkar Kanwar
Established year 1972
Net worth ₹16,373.87 crore

#6. Goodyear

Goodyear is an American company that sells Tyres in more than 23 countries. This company was started in 1898, This brand mainly focuses on middle-class families. For the past 90 years company selling tyres in India, Ballabhgarh and Aurangabad are the two places where the company have its manufacturing units.

Country of origin United states
Founder name  Frank Seiberling
Established year 1898
Net worth US$−1.254 billion (2020)

#7. Michelin

Michelin is mainly known for its Tyres and other rubber products. The company also has offices in various cities in India. Michelin has always been recognized as a high-quality Tyre manufacturing company. It is the second-largest Tyre manufacturing company in the world after Bridgestone. Most of the company’s Tyres are manufactured in France and then they export these tyres to different countries of the world.

Country of origin France
Founder name  Édouard Michelin, ‎André Michelin
Established year 1889
Net worth $30.01B

#8. Yokohama

Yokohama Tyres are known for good handling, safe driving and better fuel economy. Be it the highway, desert or the rainy season, Yokohama’s rubber Tyres are known for their tremendous performance. Let us tell you that people in India use Yokohama Tyres especially for off-roading and in SUV’s, this is a Japanese company which has its own history of more than 100 years old.

Country of origin Japan
Founder name   Matthew C. Perry
Established year 1865
Net worth US$338.3 million (2014)

#9. Tvs Tyres

TVS Tyre is a perfect option for Motor Bikes& Scooty, this two-wheeler Tyre manufacturing business was started in the year 1982. Today TVS offers a wide range of Tyres in different patterns. Not only in India but also in countries like the USA, South America, Africa, TVs Tyres are used in vehicles.

Let us tell you That TVs Tyres can be used in any other two-wheeler brand like Hero Honda, Yamaha etc.

Country of origin India
Founder name TV Sundram Iyengar
Established year 1982

#10. Aeolus Tyres

Aelous Tyres were started in 1965. it is a Chinese brand that produces more than 5 million Tyres every year and it sells its own tyres in many countries of the world. The Tyres of this company are known for being budget-friendly as well as for reliability and safety.

#11. Pirelli Tyres

This company produces Tyres from bikes to heavy trucks. This multinational tyre company has the country of origin is Italy, mainly Pirelli tyres are known for their speed, comfort and excellent handling, if you are looking for any foreign tire brands then you can go with Pirelli tyres.

Is Boult an Indian company? Know Why it is made in China

#12. Birla Tyres

How can we forget the Birla Tyres in this list? This is an Indian company, which can be easily seen on Indian roads. Birla Tyres are used in different kinds of vehicles, From motorcycles to commercial vehicles, these tyres are known for their rough and tough quality. Today the company has over 8,000 dealers across India and is one of the most widely used tyre companies in India.

Country of origin india
Founder name Kesoram Industries Ltd.
Established year 1991
Net worth ₹137.36 cr.

#13. Continental Tyres

It is a German company that produces its quality Tyres under the brands like Viking, Gislaved, Mabor. Let us tell you that Quality is the only reason to use Continental tyres in India. Although these Tyres are a bit expensive, they give tough competition to companies like Michlin.

Country of origin Germany‎
Founder name   N/A
Established year 1871
Net worth N/A

#14. Firestone Tyres

In terms of safety and performance, this foreign company is considered to be the best. Tire brand. Firestone is known for its affordable Tyres that you can use for your personal vehicle. The company is quite popular in America and now these are also available in India. let us tell you that Firestone is owned by the Bridgestone Company and it is counted among the largest tire and rubber companies in the world.

Country of origin America
Founder name   Harvey Firestone
Established year 1900
Net worth  $ 2.09 billion (2004)

#15. Dunlop tire

From sports cars to SUVs, Dunlop Tyres have emerged as one of the best tire brands. Let us tell you that Dunlop Tyres are a part of the Goodyear family, the Tyres of this company are mainly known for racing. It gives an excellent driving performance in racing tracks, These tires are used in different countries of the world like India, America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

Country of origin N/A
Founder name   John Boyd Dunlop
Established year 1889
Net worth  N/A

#16. Nexen Tyres

This South Korean tyre manufacturing company has created a good image in the Indian market due to its quality Tyres. Nexen Tyres are considered best for both cars and SUVs and this company is known for its premium sports tyres, you can ride with these Tyres on both highways and deserts.


Country of origin South Korea
CEO   Kang Byung-joong
Established year 1942
Net worth  N/A



#17. Tirupati Tyres

After entering into the tyre industry in the year 1988, this company is also a well-known brand for Tyres in the automobile industry. Today hundreds of employees work in this private limited company and this company manufactures various Tyres according to the size of the vehicles.

Country of origin India
Founder name sanjay wakade
Established year 1988
Net worth N/A

#18. BKT Tyres

BKT Tyres Manufacturing tyres for heavy vehicles For decades, So far this company has produced Tyres for tractors, JCB machines and the quality of its Tyres makes it a trusted brand in the Agriculture and Mining construction industry. It is also an Indian company.

Country of origin India
Founder name Mahabirprasad Poddar
Established year 1980
Net worth ₹11.55 billion

#19. Metro Tyres

The contribution of Metro tyres in India’s tyre market is unforgettable. Over the last 5 decades, METRO TYRES has provided a variety of Tyres for different vehicles in the tire industry. The company started its business with bicycle Tyres but later it grew its business.

Country of origin india
Founder name father Man Singh
Established year 1968
Net worth  INR 500 cr

#20. GRL Tyres

GRL stands for Govind Rubber Limited Tyre company. This company is not so popular as compared to Ceat, MRF but the history of this company is more than 50 years old in India, So we placed this brand under the list of top 20 Tyre companies in India.

Country of origin India
Founder name Late Mr. M. P. Poddar
Established year 1964
Net worth N/A


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Conclusion~Top 20 Tyre companies in India

So after reading the above content we hope this guide will help you to Find reliable tyre brands in India. Let us know via the comment section Which one is your favourite brand among the Top 20 Tyre companies in India. If you find this content helpful then do share this content on social media.