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is Realme Made In India? is it Chinese Startup? Know Everything

is Realme Made In India? is it Chinese Startup? Know Everything

In the last few years, Realme has made a special identity in the Indian market among other companies. It has millions of users across India. Usually, people ask Is Realme an Indian company? Who owns it? If you want to know whether Real mobiles are manufactured in India or China? then this post is only for you.

is realme an indian company

Do you know during the launching of Realme in India, it just took 3 days to sell 1 million mobiles during Diwali? Not only this, but it also holds a record for launching a first-ever 5G mobile, also it launched the first mobile camera in India, which has 64 primary camera.

So let’s know many important things related to this Smartphone company that every Indian smartphone user should know.

Is Realme an Indian company? 

No, Realme is owned by a Chinese brand called BBK electronics. In 2018 Realme was launched by the Vice President of Oppo.

Many people think that the parent company of Realme is Oppo, but the fact is that the owner of both (oppo&Realme ) these companies is a Chinese company called BBK enterprise.

Let us tell you that till 2018, Realme was a subsidiary brand of Oppo but later these two companies got separated and today Realme works under BBK company, Currently Realme is not only famous for its smartphones in the market but it also sells earphones, Bags and other accessories.

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Realme has always been known for its stylish and budget segment mobiles, today Realme mobiles are sold in more than 18 countries of the world including India.

Realme  origin country China
Realme   headquarters  Shenzhen, China
Products of Realme TV, Smartphones, wearables, audios
Founder of  Realme  Sky Li
Established Year 2018


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Are Realme mobiles made in India?

The journey of Realme has been amazing so far, Even Realme mobiles are selling a lot more than its parent company Oppo.

But the question that comes to Indian users is that the Realme mobiles, which they are using are made in India?

Yes Real Me Mobiles are manufactured in India. But the essential components such as chips, processors that are used for assembling a mobile, are not manufactured in India, they are imported from China.

Therefore, Realme mobiles are manufactured in India, but the Oppo factory has an important contribution in making them.

In short just like other mobile companies in India, All Realme mobiles are going through the same manufacturing process. Currently, due to the lack of machines, it costs more to make the major component in India also it takes more time&efforts.

Therefore, even though the phones of Real Me are assembled in India, the components used in it are not made in India.

Therefore, just by looking at the Made in India tag of any Realme phone. We can’t consider it as a made in India mobile.

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Is Realme a Purely Chinese company? Or an Indian Startup

in 2020, During the Corona epidemic, many Chinese Apps/ products were banned in India. Due to which technology companies were deeply affected. in such a situation Real Me, which is known to be a Chinese company, Madhav Seth, President of the same company, says that Realme is a startup in India.

According to him, “After the success of Realme in India, they are now able to spread their business into other countries. most of the Realme mobiles are being manufactured in India”.

Not only this, but he also said that it is such a Chinese brand that follows the Make in India campaign, about 60% of the components of a real mobile are comes from local suppliers.

Along with this, According to Madhav Seth, there are more than 7.5k workers are working in the manufacturing plant in Noida. Therefore, Real Me has also made a big contribution to our economy by creating employment for people.

So even though the wires of this tech company are connected to a Chinese company, But its vision and production show that we should support it.

Who is the Real me owner?

Oppo Vivo and OnePlus all the popular smartphone brands are working under BBK Enterprise. Therefore, this Chinese multinational company is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

BBK Electronics was started in the year 1995 by Duan Yongping, today this company sells various types of digital products such as smartwatches, power banks, smart TV, home theatre, camera including smartphones.

The headquarter of this Chinese company is located in Chang’an, Dongguan which is also known as the largest taxpayer company in china.

Why do we see made in India tag in Realme phones?

The reason behind this is that Realme mobiles are manufactured in India even more than 60% of the components used for manufacturing, are procured by local suppliers. In such a situation, the company uses this tag for its branding and to attract the Indian audience.

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So Guys now you may have solved all your queries such as is Realme an Indian company? Owner of Realme etc. if you got complete info about the subject, then don’t forget to share this content on social media.


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