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is Samsung an indian Company? A Harsh Reality

is Samsung an indian Company? A Harsh Reality

There is no doubt that Samsung has been dominating the Indian mobile sector for many years. That’s why the estimated revenue of Samsung was over 77,000 crores in 2021, So it is important to know whether Samsung is an Indian company? Who owns Samsung? Keep reading this article to get all the information.

is samsung an indian company

Currently, Samsung offers both budget and luxury segment mobiles to its customers. But did you know that Before entering into the mobile business, Samsung used to sell noodles in the market till the year 1970?

Stay tuned till the end of this article to know many more things related to this company.

 is Samsung an Indian company? 

Samsung also known as Samsung Group, is a Kurien company, which was started as a trading company by Lee Byung Chul in the year 1938/. Currently, its headquarter is located in Seoul. (South Korea)

Apart from mobiles, Samsung is also quite popular for other electronic devices such as tablets, TVs, sound devices, fridges, laundry, home appliances, etc. And it is one of the major companies in South Korea. if you look at its worldwide performance it gets listed on the top 5 best global brands.


 Samsung Galaxy A51 is the most purchased smartphone of Samsung?

Today this world-famous company is working in 79 countries of the world and have more than 2,36,000 employees.

Apart from this, if you use any Samsung product, then it is important for you to know that you will get to see global standards environmental certification in all Samsung products, this process was started by Samsung in the year 2013.

Samsung origin country South Korea
 headquarters Suwon-si, South Korea
Products of Nike mobile phones, memory chips, NAND flash, solid-state drives, televisions etc.
Founder of Nike Lee Byung-chul
Established Year 1938


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Are Samsung mobiles made in china?

Many people think that Samsung phones are made in China but unlike Apple and other companies, Samsung phones aren’t manufactured in China. Because Samsung had closed its last factory in China in 2019, So currently there isn’t any phone that manufactured in China.

Although the history of Samsung and China has also not been special, from the very beginning, the company used to set up its factories outside China. That’s the reason Samsung used to generate only 1% of revenue from china.

List of made in India Samsung phones

India has always been a major mobile market for Samsung, thus it not only have millions of users in India, but also it is the biggest manufacturer of Samsung mobiles. And probably you may have seen the made in India tag in many Samsung mobiles.

In 2018, to expand its business in India Samsung started its own manufacturing factory to provide mobiles at cheaper prices than its competitors. this investment of Samsung in India is really a big step, now let’s see a list of Made in India Samsung mobiles.


Samsung Mobile Series Model name
GALAXY ‘S’ Galaxy S9+
Galaxy Note 8



.So friends, after checking these smartphones, you should know that these phones are only assembled in India, currently, India isn’t able to build components itself own. that’s why it is important to know that while assembling a phone lots of important components are still imported from abroad.

India is not yet fully prepared to make the components, for that a separate infrastructure will be required for which India is currently preparing itself. According to research, India currently only manufactures smartphone lenses and cameras.

However, apart from Samsung, there are other foreign companies who claim themselves as Made in India phones.

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Why Samsung mobiles are popular in India?

There is some special reason behind the popularity of Samsung in India which is as follows.

Samsung had knocked in the Indian market in the year 2004 and since then it has been continuously offering innovative phones with quality at reasonable prices.

Samsung is a foreign company, but it is not a Chinese company, so people still buy from mobile without any doubt.

At present more Samsung mobiles come with Made in India tag due to which people buy them.

Samsung offers from the budget segment as well as flagship mobiles due to which it is known as a reputed brand, most prefer to buy.

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Conclusion: Made in India Samsung mobiles

So friends, after reading this guide now you may know that is Samsung an Indian company? Are Samsung mobiles made in India and why should you buy a Samsung mobile? You must have got complete information regarding the subject, if you are satisfied with the given information, then do share this content to aware more patriotic.


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