Home Product guide Best Made in india Smart TV Brands (Purely indian)

Best Made in india Smart TV Brands (Purely indian)

Best Made in india Smart TV Brands (Purely indian)

Made in india Smart TV Brands: if I say, still tv is the essential thing for our entertainment world? will you agree with me?

from movies to the latest news this helps us to watch the kind of content on a big screen which we love.

But as you know Technology upgrading day by day, therefore as per the latest trend smart tv can be seen everywhere. The demand for Indian TVs has increased significantly over the years with the initiative of Aatm- Nirbhar Bharat.

So as an Indian consumer, if you are going to purchase Indian Smart tv to contribute to a stronger economy, So it is good to know about some top Indian television brands that are currently dominating the market and satisfied so many people with their led tv.

But before we proceeded here is the question that comes to a users mind.

what is smart tv? is it really smart?

An LED tv which gives an internet connectivity option. And has its own operating system and apps. Hence it has some similar features to a smartphone, So it can be said that it is the advanced version of the smartphone. Which has a bigger screen size, screen touch facility

when we combine the features (Internet +tv+apps ) of smart tv, it makes it truly smart television.

A Smart TV allows a user to run their favourite apps, stream online videos and enjoy playing games on a bigger screen! But you do not have any control over the programs, content that you see on a normal TV! Let’s look at some main advantages of Smart TV.

Key features of a Smart TV

Quick find

Smart TV makes it super easy to search a channel, program on TV. The quick search tool helps you find your favourite content faster

Recommended content

The content is suggested to you based on your behavior&interests, Which makes it easy for you to access the latest and helpful content for yourself.

easy connectivity

Just like a smartphone, in a smart TV, you can connect it to the Internet in just one click, and you can also disconnect to save data when not needed.

various content

From sports to the latest news, entertainment, smart TV delivers content of every category to you, the special thing is that you will be able to consume content according to your interest.

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Top 7 Made in india Smart tv Brands!

1. Micromax

a pure Indian consumer electronics Brands that today deals in various types of electronic products. Micromax entered the market in 2009 with mobile phones and after getting success in the mobile business.

the company started launching smart tv under the yu brand in 2015. Today it has various led and smart tv according to the size, specifications and also budget.

So if you are planning to buy a smart tv that is made in India and made for Indians then. I heavily recommend that you should check out the smart TV of this brand.

2. Intex

an Indian company that once dominated the market space with its features mobiles, But did you know from Bluetooth speakers to computer accessories Intex deals in everything today.

Even the company also manufactures led smart tv? which you can buy from a nearby electronics shop or you can visit their official website or Flipkart and amazon.

The Intex smart TVs are Hd ready android tv that we can easily pair with other android devices and users will be able to stream videos games on a big screen. These TVs are also offering amazing sound quality and for dynamic visuals, it gives you a high contrast ratio on the screen.

This New Delhi based Indian startup was established in 1996 by Narendra Bansal.

3. T-Series

T-series A quite popular name in the music world, But the surprising thing that can happen for many users is that T-series also manufacture LED Smart tv’s that we can order through online stores such as amazon.

With the android os support, wifi and larger bright LED display T-series provides you endless entertainment while playing a video or watching your favourite movie or websites.

it 16watt built-in speaker outputs clear and optimal sound which gives you a perfect viewing and listening experience. It has also versatile connectivity options such as HDMI, VGA, LAN supports.

So while picking the best Indian smart tv brand don’t missout to check t-series television.

4. Videocon

yes! yet another brand that is serving our nation since its establishment in 1979. Currently, the company doing business in many countries including India and deals with a variety of electronic home appliances such as AC, washing machine, freeze but they are also famous for their televisions.

And you may know this was one of the reliable brands when box TVs are in trend. However, as per the trend company manufactured a Led tv including android support and.

Today these led’s are purchased by the loyal customers of Videocon.

A swadeshi company who had started its corporate journey in 1981 with the aim of manufacturing tv sets, But as they succeed in satisfying customer need they get into the business of consumer durable products such as washing machines, microwave ovens etc.

A decade ago the company ruled the Indian market with direct tv. However, due to the heavy competition, the company was not able to maintain its position. But they didn’t stop according to the customer need they innovate led tv, android tv and running successfully the campaign.

5. Nacson

Nacson electronics Pvt ltd is another Indian brand which has started their campaign first in 2008, Currently, the company offering a variety of electronic products to their customers.

And it made a unique identity in the Indian market with Its LED Tv, Company offers a wide range of HD ready smart tv in the budget segment. So depending on your choice, screen size, features and budget you can pick the best tv for your home.

Nacson on a mission to serve quality to their customer with their world-class product. So while purchasing a tv head over to the reviews&rating of that product to ensure get the value for money product.

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The end

So These was some popular swadeshi (Made in india) Smart TV Brands. We hope after reading this information it may easy for you to select the perfect tv for your home and office.


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